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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lessons I learned from being a Parent

You know, I thought I knew a trick or two since I decided to have kids later in life. Older and wiser right? (I know - funny, eh?) Well, here's what I've learnt so far.

Kids don't get tired - they are energy vampires who suck your energy.
You could be comatose, too tired to cry from exhaustion and there's your kid, happily jumping on you or sticking fingers in your ear.

You don't know what patience is until you have kids.
You can't be mad at the little mite, he's sick, or hungry or needs a diaper change - for the four millionth time! Funny enough this new saintly patience doesn't apply to your partner, which leads me to the next lesson.

You will fight more with your partner. ALOT more.
Your partner could just walk into a room and the way he walks/breathes/looks at you just irritates the hell out of you. You see, all the patience is really you transfering your fustration to the closest victim. Sucks to be them. But sucks to be us too since we're too tired for the makeup sex anyway!

Mom/Family member/Friend thinks you are wrong and they are right.
All that advice from when you were pregnant pales in comparison to the advice they have for you now! "Honey, I think he's hungry, go feed him" "Don't you think he's gaining too much/too little weight?" "He should be eating solids by now right?" Don't worry - agree to anything and then tune them out.

Sleep is a luxury that is wasted on the childless.

And on that note - I am off to sleep.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eczema sucks - natch!

It's been 7 months since i posted anything so i will sum up:

-gave birth June 6 2007
-It was 36 hours long
-I didn't take the epidural
-Did I mention it was 36 hours long?
-Aidan John was born weighing a paltry 11 lbs 9.7oz
-Mom's first thought after hearing Aidan's weight
"I squeezed THAT out of my lala?!"
-At 3 months Aidan gets eczema and it sucks, yo.
-Because I'm breastfeeding tried eating no wheat/grains, eggs, milk
basically anything good and yummy.
-Don't manage to sleep for longer than 4 hrs for another 5 months
-At 6 months Aidan decides to sleep even shorter intervals at night.
-Yesterday I had my first regular meal while feeding Aidan stored milk
-Had a fave - egg tart. it was too sweet. have i gone off sweets?
OH MY GAWD, NOOooooooooooo!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Things NOT to tell/do to a Pregnant Woman

I know people mean well. I know people love babies and a pregnant woman is a blessing and exciting. but please please please think before you act!

Comment: "Wow, you are HUGE!"
Mama2be thinks: "Are you saying i'm fat?"

Comment: "Wow, are you expecting TWINS?!"
Mama2be thinks: "You ARE saying i'm fat!"

Action: Complete stranger walks up and starts rubbing your belly while cooing
Mama2be thinks: Assault charges / Reporting you to HR

Comment: "You are wide so you must be expecting a girl!"
Mama2be thinks: "Ultrasound says it's a boy"

Comment: "Not long now!!!! You must be scared/nervous!"
Mama2be thinks: "Oh is it that close? Hadn't noticed."

Comment: "You are due in June? I don't think you are going to make it - the doctor got the date wrong"
Mama2be thinks: "Okay then, show me your medical degree Ms. Costco Cashier"

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Return from UKland

A couple of questions arose from my UK visit.
In no particular order.

1. Can one really be out-Sunday roasted during the hols?
2. Are sprouts mini cabbages?
3. Why are there so many hills in Brighton?
4. Afternoon tea's so expensive so why the tiny sandwiches?
5. England's damp and wet yet no one has decent heating?
6. Where the deuce did all the orange Tango go?!
7. Why is prawn toast only available in the UK?
8. Why are there no basements in UK homes?
9. Isn't moss on your roof bad?
10. Why is there only one toilet for all 4 floors of Harrods?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Going to England - screw the rest

So some meh things happened to me recently.

- Brampton = meh, @#$^%#
- Did Tae Bo / in pain now = meh, ow
- Didn't get a position I applied for = meh meh
- Bunnies ran away = meh, sniff
- Found bunny skin on front lawn = wah!!!
- Gran-in-law passed away = R.I.P
- Gran diagnosed with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's = sigh

Some woot things happened to me as well

- Got permanent position in Brampton = woot, cash!
- Brother-in-law visiting in May 2007 = woot, UK loot!
- Have a secret but can't tell anyone yet = woot, heh heh!
- Going to UK for Xmas = woot, travel!

Now just need to win the lottery and i'm set!

Endorsement du Jour: Watch Crank

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ok go - Rock yer treadmills

Ok go seems at first like your usual coolhookiliketosingalong pop/rock band but there is one
thing they have that many other bands don't have and that's a killer choreographer sister.
Watch their latest - "Here it goes again" at -- you will never look at treadmills the same again.

While you are at it watch their infamous "Million ways to be cruel" vid as well!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gird yer loins!


I know!!! its like a minor miracle.
Actually I thought I had failed because a stupid Wonder Bread truck was parked and stopped right in the middle of where I had to drive then it moved to the side but as I was passing it decided to REVERSE!!! I was about to stop when the driving examiner stamped on the brake and honked my horn. LORD! I thought - thats it. I failed so the rest of the time I drove without nerves since I knew the outcome. Though nearing the end I almost forgot the wonder bread truck and got really nervous with my parallel parking and reverse parking. But I still passed!
Hurray me!! Now I can drive to Brampton. Booooo.....!